Self-doubt. Fear. Excessive worrying. These words sound all too familiar to me. In the last 28 years of my life, it’s not uncommon for me to doubt myself, fear the unknown, and worry excessively. Even my loved ones have told me so. It’s not something I’m particular proud of, but neither am I ashamed. I’m […]

If you subscribe to the newspaper, or read anything related to finance or tech, you would have probably stumbled upon the terms “Bitcoin” and “blockchains”. It took hundreds of readings for me to understand what a blockchain is… and to be completely honest, I think I’m still a rookie. If reading hundreds of articles make […]

This is a continuation from my post, “A Very Basic Primer on How the Web Works”. I mentioned about how what a server is, and how servers play a part in the display of web pages on a person’s screen. I thought I’d like to expand on the types of servers there are, and how […]

What is Jekyll?   I’ve recently been busy with Jekyll. These days, I use Jekyll to create web pages. I won’t deny there’s a bit of a learning curve to it initially, but when you start to familiarise yourself with it, it’s really quite a joy to use. I decided to write this post mainly […]

The remote working experience (i.e. telecommuting) has been trending the past couple years. With popular platforms such as Working Nomads, We Work Remotely, and Remote Working Company dominating the Google sphere when one types “remote working” in the search field, the once far-fetched concept of “not having to go to the office anymore” seems to […]

If you’re a business owner or startup founder looking to hire a person whose job encompasses almost all (or all) the things listed below, you’re looking for a Growth Engineer.   Key responsibilities: Create a solid (online) brand and identity. Generate awareness and visibility. Bring in new site traffic and create new leads. Convert traffic […]